Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cosmogramma Alt Takes by Flying Lotus (2011)

Kind of Like: J Dilla, Mono/Poly
Genres: Electronica, Hip-hop, Experimental
Preview: Myspace

"In January 2011, Flying Lotus launched the webcam application, Trigger. In a complete first, the application allowed owners of the landmark album Cosmogramma to scan their copy's artwork, and in return receive outtakes and new versions of music from the creation of the record as a thank you.

Flying Lotus said at the time:

'I'm really into old jazz traditions and I felt Cosmogramma was my jazz record in a sense. In that spirit, for anyone who's bought the album, we've made something they can use to get new tracks and alternate takes from the original Cosmogramma sessions as a gift from us.'

After launch, social networks were abuzz with fans talking about this never-before-seen interface, discussing the new music and experimenting with secret combinations of images to unlock further, hidden tracks.

One of these Facebook posters, Greg Ingraham, suggested we compile the Cosmogramma Alt Takes music on limited, collectable vinyl for Record Store Day. It seemed fitting, and we liked the idea."

Listen Here

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