Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Transient Years EP by The Body Rampant (2011)

Kind of Like: Portugal. The Man, Sound of Animals Fighting, Six Gallery
Genres: Experimental, Emo, Post-hardcore
Preview: Bandcamp

Looking at this album cover, you would guess this band is some gnarly grindcore band, at least I did.  Nope, kinda far from that, but still pretty good. Transient Years, produced by Casey Bates (Gatsbys American Dream, Portugal. The Man, MxPx, Chiodos) is a "melting pot of all the members’ intense musical backgrounds and tastes".   If you have heard the production of those bands you know how it is, pretty damn high.   You'll also know what kind of tones those bands drive for, and if you don't like that feel you probably won't get a kick out of this.  At the very least check out their cool-looking masks.  They had to be high when they thought of these. Wait, they have songs called "Indica" and "Sativa".  Makes sense...

Listen Here

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