Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kerouac/The Long Haul Split (2011)

Kind of Like: Converge, Botch
Genres: Chaotic Hardcore, Hardcore, Punk, Progressive

I've been checking regularly for this split to leak after listening to Kerouac's "Cold and Distant, Not Loving".  This is a split between what seem to be two of the UK's more promising hardcore bands.  They complement each other extremely well.  This is the first major release for The Long Haul, I think, because all of their previous stuff has been demos.  The Long Haul is a bit more progressive, their time changes are pretty clever.  And does anybody think the singing in the first track "A Bastard Behind the Eyes" sounds just like Portugal. The Man's singer?  Wait, is that a girl?  Anyways, Kerouac is definitely not overshadowed, they are clever as well.  Actually they are pretty damn even.  Strongest (cleverest) split that's been put out thus far this year.  I'll commit to that.

Download Here

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