Friday, April 1, 2011

New Faces

There are a couple new contributors to Sometimes I Get Drunk.  My buddy came to me about posting on here, and rightfully so because a handful of the bands I put on here have been from his suggestion.  He also plays in the Armed which has been featured on here before.  This is him nearly impaling himself on a high hat.

And also, Poppelganger will be posting on here as well.  He e-mailed me earlier this week about contributing. I took a look at his blog and I liked his taste in music.  We aren't snooty or stuck up here at SIGD; we don't need you to prove yourself over a long period of time in order to post on here.  The more contributors, the more music will be found for you to sift through.  If you'd like to share music leaks on here just send an e-mail.

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