Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ah, As If... by Raein (2011)

Kind of Like: La Quiete, Suis La Lune, Daitro
Genres: Screamo
Preview: Myspace

When I think of Italian screamo, I think of La Quiete and then these guys.  I have seen a couple write-ups on this album already, and nobody seems to mention La Quiete.  First of all, they share a drummer, and secondly, they actually sound pretty similar (big surprise).  90's screamo started here in Amah-ri-cuh, then ten years later it jumped the pond to Europe where it has been pretty damn active since the turn of the century.  La Quiete and Raein are Italy's (and perhaps Europe's in general) pioneers for the movement over there. This latest album collects all the material from the mid-era raein, including all the songs from their split records plus the amazing döden marscherar ät väst 7" plus a couple of really hard to find songs.  You can buy it here for 9 Euros or get it for promo uses below.  Enjoy some real violent emotional music from some of the best.

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