Friday, April 29, 2011

"Never Come Undone" Koji/La Dispute split (2011)

Kind of Like: Into It. Over It., Daytrader, Stay Ahead of the Weather
Genres: Indie, Acoustic, Emo
Preview: La Dispute Bandcamp, Koji Myspace

First off, I think Koji is the highlight of this album.  He has two really solid and catchy songs.  This release for La Dispute''s songs are acoustic like Koji's so, it's more or less a watered down version of La Dispute.  I would be looking forward more to their upcoming LP.  Oh, sorry for the lack of updates, I had finals last week and then this week one of my major sources got shut down, and I've been feeling somewhat lazy.

Listen Here


  1. hey mang! I'm a video game designer so that makes me a music prick. I got a bunch more fellow designers to start visiting this blog. Keep poping out the updates, we love what you're doing here!

  2. I appreciate it, that's really cool. What kind of video games do you design?