Thursday, April 21, 2011

Route One or Die by Three Trapped Tigers (2011)

Kind of Like: Adebisi Shank, Vessels, Battles, Lightning Bolt
Genres: Math Rock, Electronica, Experimental, Post-Rock, Noise Rock
Preview: Myspace, Bandcamp

If you like Adebisi Shank, then you really should check this band out.  They are kinda like Battles too, I guess, but I definitely like these guys more.  They could be brothers for sure.  Here are what people are saying about them.

“Noisy, electronic instrumentals. Check out the proggy, time-shifting "1"

“Twinkles and booms like a star being born, this feels like being hugged by a computerized god. this'll make fans of Lightning Bolt, Battles and Aphex Twin cream themselves”

“It sounds like the end of music as you know it and the beginning of something dazzlingly fresh”

“This loud and twisted trio are the safest bets to take death-improv to the masses”
Time Out

“Gives the impression of a ticking bomb about to explode”

“Effortlessly execute a paradox in sound that is as frantic as it is contemplative”

“Is the machine half-man or the man half-machine? … One of the most exciting UK bands to emerge in 2009”
BBC Music


“…a little unorganised.”
Jazzwise magazine

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