Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stab The New Cherry EP by The Bulletproof Tiger

Kind of like: Rooftops, This Town Needs Guns, Piglet
Genres: Math Rock, Post-rock

Super tasty Math/Post Rock from Ontario, Canada. This band shreds to no end. I've been waiting for a full length album, but this EP will keep me entertained for a long time. I hope to see these guys live in the near future, and if you get the chance to, I say do it.

Here is a nice wordy bio:

"From the depths of southern Ontario, this four-piece skirts vocals for calculated yet tuneful waves of tapping-heavy phrases that stay true to slightly dirty, pretty reverby, kinda middy tone that the genre has come to monopolize: enough for the notes to have some teeth, clear enough to make sure all the dexterous string mangling actually gets heard. And having long ditched the picking hand/fretboard hand binary, the band’s decidedly egalitarian approach is not only expressed on their guitar necks, but through their frontman-free take to stage presence."
-Last FM

And check them out on Facebook, they post some hilarious and random shit.


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