Monday, April 4, 2011

Tantale by Monogrenade

Kind of like: Arcade Fire (ish?), Mumford and Sons (maybe?)
Genre: Pop, Experimental
*check out the music video for this track (full screen). very trippy and filmed completely in stop motion*

"The Montreal based musical formation Monogrenade, with Jean-Michel Pigeon (keyboard, guitar, vocals), Frederic B. Girard (vocals), Mathieu Collette (drums, glockenspield, electro) and François Lessard (bass), offers a rich variety of textures and soundscapes. Their exciting melodies, haunting rhythms and aerial pop create a unique and eclectic assortment."
-Last FM

I haven't been able to stop listening to this album for a solid two weeks now. Think electro/acoustic pop music, but with a more experimental and orchestrated arrangement. Cello is prevalent through the entire album and adds a very unique atmosphere to the overall ambiance. Note: the entire album is in French. I love this personally, and I think it is beautiful, but if understanding and comprehending lyrics is your prerogative, heed warning.

Listen Here

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