Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sedentary by American Heritage (2011)

Kind of Like: Gaza, Metallica, Mastodon
Genres: Metal, Mathcore, Sludge, Progressive
Preview: Myspace

Remember how I said Trap Them will rip you a new asshole?  Well have you ever wanted three assholes?  Because this band will probably rip you another one.  The album starts with a piercing blood-curdling scream and then all hell breaks loose.  I'm not a big fan of the metal-esque vox in the first song, but the songs seem to alternate between those vocals and skramz.  Either way, the music absolutely rips, which anybody can appreciate no matter what the vocals are. You know you are a bad ass metal band when you have songs like "Kiddie Pool of Baby Blood", "Fetal Attraction" and "Chaotic Obliteration".  I mean, just look at how metal they are:

Handle bar moustache, coming soon to a Poo near you.  Or at least the chops back again.  Why did I ever shave?

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