Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fell & Found by Small Brown Bike (2011)

Kind of Like: Hot Water Music, CSTVT, The Lawrence Arms, Avail
Genres: Post-Hardcore, Emo, Indie, Punk
Preview: Official Site, Click Listen to preview the tracks

These guys are sort of a local thing around my parts.  They broke up in 2004 and just got back together a couple years ago.  This is their brand spankin' new album.  I think I put CSTVT because I just saw them and they were fuckin' awesome.  Actually they do sound like eachother a little bit.  Check this album out though, it is really solid. If you aren't from here, go see them at Fest at least.  Plus, their name comes from their working experience as bike mechanics.  I know you guys like riding bikes, right?  Also, I hate how I write short little blurbs for albums I immediately like and a whole novel for albums I'm on the fence about.  I am liking this more and more by the minute.  Or maybe I'm just drunk.  Nah, fuck it. Strong eight.  Poo...Small Brown bike...Fell & Found....FOREVER.

Update:  It is now morning; I am now sober.  This album is the real deal, I would put a link to order the LP but I am having a hard time finding one.  Not even on the label's site.  Probably will be when it comes out officially on the 26th.  It was recorded in Chicago with J Robbins (best known for his work with Jets to Brazil, The Dismemberment Plan and Promise Ring).

Listen Here

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