Wednesday, April 6, 2011

12 Desperate Straight Lines by Telekinesis

Kind of like: Death Cab For Cutie, Someone Still Love You Boris Yeltsin
Genres: Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Telekinesis delivers quality Indie Rock with very catchy Pop hooks. Working previously with Chris Walla (most notably from DCFC fame), 12 Desperate Straight Lines flows like an Indie Rock album should. Accessible dynamics and straightforward song structures help to craft this release into something noteworthy for a genre that is quickly becoming over saturated with lo-fi hipster pop (particularly in the Pacific Northwest). This is feel good, intelligent Indie Rock album and will surely be in heavy rotation as the sun comes out.

Check out the online store at Merge Records to buy a copy. Also, check out the other bands on their roster, tons of great music.

Listen here

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