Thursday, August 18, 2011

Prophet, Said I - Demo (2010)

Prophet, Said I - (2010) Demo
Kind of Like: Defeater, Pianos Become the Teeth
Genre: Screamo, Hardcore
Where to Listen: Mediafire
Not just the vocalist, but the band has that rasp and strain through every note that leave ghosts. This band has everything going for them, and I pretty well accept the fact now that I most of all enjoy this sub-genre of genres. If I had to pinpoint what that was cl

assified under, I'd type some crud like relentless and indulgent shouting, but I think that'd be just ridiculous.

You'll Live - Things Would Change if You Heard This (2011)
Kind of Like: Featherweight, Ravachol
Genre: Post-Punk, Screamo, Hardcore, emo
Where to listen: Bandcamp
Death by Whiskey put this in the top rank of his EP list of 2011 thus far. I would have to agree. I came across this EP months ago, and my re-ignited passion for hardcore has been utterly shook into life since. Its admittedly been tough keeping up with my music downloads, with so many quality vinyl readily available to me, this album has satisfied me most when I craved scramz, which we most desperately lack. I'd like to describe it simply as a clean screamo, in the sense of having displays of wickedly performed vocals and a punk driven backdrop that feels like conveying its message in melodic fashion.
Dads - Brush Your Teeth, Again ;) (2011)
Kind of Like: Pizza and Regrets, Dowsing, You Blew It!
Genre: Post-rock, emo
Where to listen: Bandcamp
The basement video for the original release of Brush Your Teeth is what really hooked me to these two tapes. Especially, Dan's Christopher Walken Impression, its just a great song, warming and tickling. Their music has a unique energy that isn't quite summed in either of their vocals, or the sometimes frantic, post-rock guitar. I guess, its the feeling of remembering that 35 year old dude leading his little kid holding half-a-watermelon hes stoked on to the sidelines of the big brother's soccer game-and just then you want to say, ya, mad nice fold-chair little dude, loud enough for his dad to hear-and just when he has to turn around to see what punk talked to his kid so he trips on the dog's leash but only a little. ha dads in reality are so awesome

Daniel Striped Tiger, No Difference LP (2011)
Kind of Like: Ampere, Loma Prieta
Genre: Post-Punk, Hardcore, Ambient, math rock
Where to Listen: Mediafire
This is solid-punk with more than a little edge and dissonance to swing around in. At moments it may sound, 'like garbage cans falling down stairs, with distortion and feedback." I had to agree. The vocals ground everything nicely, though, frequent rests and guitar hammerings make the bulk of their songs a bit jarring, and yet they show an appeal for instrumental speed and urgency. This couples with a traditional punk vocal delivery and with repetition to avoid what might seemingly become a definitively metallic feel.

The Joys of Living 2008-2010 by Sharks (2011)
Kind of Like: Dave Hause, The Gaslight Anthem
Genre: Punk, UK psychobilly
Where to Listen: Mediafire
The Joys of Living. I couldn't help myself from not posting this any longer, despite my feelings of utter redundancy. Sharks' album incorporates so many elements of the timeless punk I love I'm alone somewhere familiar, or with a group of new people I don't much enjoy, and the familiarity of old EPs comforts me such life's bearable; like now ancient drum patterns, and great catchy jams that are irresistible to not sing to; to add a modern feel to the music giving a subtly progressive sounds to the punk, is as easy as harmonicas, an extensive drum kit, and most importantly, the un-stripped, and unaccompanied vocals, strained and executed purposefully, like that french figurehead Robespierre.

Thursday - No Devolucion (2011)
FFO: United Nations, Glassjaw
Genre: Post-hardcore, indie, emo
Where to listen: Follow this link (sorry)
6th Thursday studio album. I'll edit after I give this more time.

Taking Back Sunday - Self Titled EP (Faith [When I Let You Down]) (2011)
FFO: The Wonder Years, Thursday
Genre: Indie, Emo
Where to Listen: Mediafire
I got super stoked for this album when I heard the first single and noted the energy--the overall attitude that I really loved about their first EP and album revived for this release.

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