Saturday, August 13, 2011

B EP by Animal Skins (2011)

Kind of Like: Blackcloud, Former Theives, Bone Dance
Genres: Sludge, Hardcore, Mathcore, Chaotic Hardcore
Preview: Bandcamp

I can't listen to this music too loud because I am sitting at a gate at the airport waiting for a flight to come in.  I don't have my headphones on me, so I'm playing it out loud amongst a bunch of people.  It's pretty coarse, ruthless sounding stuff, and I don't think people around me would like if I were blasting it.  Although I'm pretty sure the people that are having a stressful layover have this music playing in their heads right now as they curse the airline for all their problems.  Also, I didn't notice that guys mouth on the album cover when I first looked at it; it made me shit bricks when I saw it.  I just added another person that will probably be contributing stuff soon.  He is from Halifax, Canada (at least that's what I think he means by Hali, east coast of Canada).  I've always wanted to visit Nova Scotia; the closest I've been is Montreal and I loved it there.  He gave me a nice rundown of his living situation and all the cool stuff he likes to do, which I really appreciated because I like to know the people I collaborate with.  He says he likes funk, old punk, dub, reggae, but mostly hardcore and screams.  So, maybe he will dig this too.

Listen Here

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