Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dark Saber Jedi by Gorilla Warfare Tactics (2011)

Kind of Like: City Aviv, Jay Electronica, Kanye
Genres: Hip-Hop

New track from Gorilla Warfare Tactics just dropped.  I don't think it's nearly as strong as their other songs, and I was kind of hoping that would improve on the potential they showed from the beginning.  I always dug their choice of samples and their verses.  They are pretty much mostly clever verses, which I appreciate way more than corny/cliche choruses that is part of mainstream hip-hop.  However, what I don't like is that it's pretty much the same 4 second loop over and over again with and occasional break to highlight a clever rhyme.  That's all and good and they've been doing that with most of their material, but it would be nice to throw something else in there.  Sampling has sooooo much potential, and it always bug me when an artist picks a sample to loop for the entire song when with a little more effort there could be a lot more variety.   Why not have the clever spitting and a variety of equally clever beats?

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