Saturday, August 13, 2011

Great Moments in the Void EP by Ravachol (2011)

Kind of like: Kerouac, We Came Like Tigers, Old Gray
Genres: Screamo, emo, post-hardcore,
Listen: Bandcamp

Ravachol is a UK based scream band that was formed just this year. I first listened to Ravachol, lying face-flat on the floorboards of my musical mentor's bedroom. As I sat incapacitated with mild heat stroke-oh, and a belly of pills, he proceeded to play the 'heavys' playlist he created, intending to educate me while we tripped out and discussed our year's accomplishments. Ravachol came on and I was blown away, these guys have a bold sound, stellar instruments, and a wailing vocalist. with an accent ..this is just my cup of tea. And get this, their named after a French anarchist, François Claudius Koenigstein. I'm just thankful they didn't make band name Louis Reil before I could snatch it up!

I consider this particular scramz to be personal since I discovered it. Welcome to the stage, Toru Okada - 8 songs (2003)
A violent-screamo band from Austin, Texas, with high powered and emotional tracks. This band gets their name from a Japanese novel, titled The Wind-Up Birds Chronicle (some guy loses a cat) They have one full length release, refered to as 8 songs and one 7" split with Olive Tree. In a 90s emo tone, witness, the raw vocal performances of two seemingly teenage screamers, coupled to the powerfully melodic jams of chaotic guitars. This heavy emo band broke up in 2006, and might I add, as a *disclaimer* that listening to the 8 Songs, perhaps too much, may've brought about a couple break ups of my own.
You can Listen Here, on their Myspace
Download link above.

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