Saturday, August 13, 2011

Amesoeurs : Swallowed By the Hive... LP (2009)

Like: its like stepping into a past that hardly happens and no one ever sings about....i got nothin
Genre: Black Metal, experimental, lore, post punk
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Something about a self titled album cleverly opens that avenue towards classic beyond a description that might perish. in ease it may remind me of my college days. at moments you feel that each note is fresh and often also that you're watching a really awesome movie scene. I think its the fact that this three piece is absolutely crazy, that with talent at that level, musicians can became unappreciative of everything but their own art. Be it as it may, they kicked it.
"Amesoeurs is a spit, the only way we have to spew out the anxiety and frustration tied to the difficulties of existence and the pursuit of happiness in our modern society. "

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