Friday, August 19, 2011

Circle Takes The Square - Rites of Initiation EP (2011)

FFO: general post-hardcore
Genre: Post-hardcore
Listen Here: be sure to check this free stream . This is their bandcamp , (2002) EP ,
Mediafire of their "[First Album]" and, for measure the NPR article which owns the single stream.

The important link is the streamline preview for one of the 2011 EP songs. I'm working on getting the full EP after I eat, but even this is going to leave us all hungry. Rites of Initiation EP is only the first segment, chapter 1, of the upcoming full length Decompositions. This is the first Circle takes the Square album since the 2004 As The Roots Undo, which means seven years of silence has just been smashed to pieces. The song that brought all his hype to my front doorstep is called Way of Ever Branching Paths, and it is described as the Hymn Like Labyrinthine Chaos: it does not disappoint.