Saturday, August 13, 2011

Le Prè Où Je Suis Mort + Dolcim + Men As Trees + Dying In Motion - 4 way split (2011)

Kind of like: a red hot post-rock flaring screamo from hell, no a sky haven
Genre: Screamo, post-rock
Listen: d to load

As a huge fan of Le Prè Où Je Suis Mort, self-title LP, and Men as Trees, (the Six Waves of 2007) and (Weltschmerz in 2008) this is extremely exciting, to by chance cross this Swiss influenced split. I'll be honest I have yet to check their releases, Dolcim and Dying in Motion, but I hope its a kind of crime to say this, because its become easy to dig every part of this split. nevertheless this album has my entire ear while I figure the elements of each band.

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