Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Preview the First Issue of the Zine!

Click to enlarge all of the images.  There are also a few more pages (but I didn't feel like censoring anymore stuff, refer to the first image to see what is included).  I'm going to Kinko's tonight to start making copies so that I can distribute a bit at the RX Bandits/Maps & Atlases show.

Also, everyone that signs up for a free zine in the mail will not only receive this zine made with lots of love, but also a link to download the two new Prawn songs from their upcoming split with For Hours and Ours.  The only problem I'm having is that they are on tour right now and can't get internet to send me them, so hopefully I will get those in the coming week and anybody that signed up will get the link.  To get your own copy, free of charge, just e-mail sometimesigetdrunk@hotmail.com with zine in the subject and your name and address in the body.  I already have a bit of people signed up, but here's another enticement to get your attention.

Next quarter's issue (Fall) will most likely be out...in the fall.  Like September/Octoberish.  And will hopefully feature interviews with RX bandits, Maps & Atlases or both...or none.  Depending on what happens tomorrow.

Update: Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide the songs from Prawn immediately.  Jamie said he would send me them, but they want to wait to leak it because the record isn't out yet.  Sawwy.

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