Thursday, July 21, 2011

(Classic) Do Make Say Think

Kind of Like: Godspeed, Explosions, Mogwai, Broken Social Scene
Genres: Post-Rock, Indie, Shoegaze
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Quite simply put, the first Do Make Say Think concert was one of the best shows I ever went to.  It was back when we could still smoke in bars in Michigan, so a lot of people were smoking "cigarettes".  I sat back and was treated to one of the best jams ever.  They subtly changed so many parts of their material, and wove together songs to epic proportions.  Their first self-titled album was extremely experimental and shoegaze, eventually they developed into a more formal post-rock band over time with having hints of folk/indie in the mix.  It is also one of the many projects associated with the Broken Social Scene family.  Charles Spearin is in this BSS and DMST, and I will contend that he has the meanest moustache of indieness.  And he had it before it was the ironic thing to do.

Moustache Ride: Free (I would hope)
My favorite album by them is Goodbye Enemy Airship, followed by You, You're a History in the Rust.  Their newest album was decent; I still thoroughly enjoy the first track: "Do" (can you guess the names of the other three songs?).  Here are four albums by them:

Listen Here:
Do Make Say Think (1998)
Goodbye Enemy Airship, The Landlord is Dead (2000)
You, You're a History in the Rough
Other Truths (2009)

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