Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Holy Mess by the Holy Mess (2011)

Kind of Like: Glocca Morra, The Menzingers, Spraynard
Genres: Punk
Preview: Bandcamp

"Since 2007, The Confusion Saint has:
Smited 2.5 pickup trucks (that they work in Terço).
Jammed The Menzingers in a race of the case.
Bought a tow shitty of Schramm of the recorded Pat.
Journeyed on 2 EP’s for its own proper strange register of the Skull.
Played a group of samples with show."
New release of recorded song to follow later this year…"

Singer reminds me a bit of Glocca Morra, but this band is only somewhat similar musically.  Really catchy punk rock.  They are playing Riot Fest this year with the likes of the Suicide Machines, The Flatliners, and more.  They also are hitting Fest up this year.  I tried to get my tickets but it sold out in 7 minutes and something happened with the card.  But, they said we most likely will get in the next round.  I feel a sort of void until I am sure I have my tickets confirmed for Fest.

Listen Here

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