Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Parmesano! EP by Parmesano

For fans of: Don Cabellero, Man Your Horse
Genres: Math Rock, tropical indie goodness
Preview: Bandcamp

I try and stray away from just re-posting bands from other blogs, but these guys stood out to me and I felt there were visitors here who would like this slightly tropical sounding brand of math rock. I've seen the tag post-hardcore attached to this group, but I think they fall more into the indie and math rock styles more so than p-h, but check 'em out and make your own decisions as to what they sound like. After all, we are here to help bands get recognition and introduce people to new and awesome music. Your job is to listen, buy, and tell friends about these awesome blogs and bands; it's up to you in the end to figure out how to describe them.

Parmesano take rather simple arrangements and makes them unique by leaving space and adding character. Hailing from Barcelona, this quartet creates fun and enjoyable music that is easy to digest, but doesn't get boring. Download for free from their Bandcamp page.

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