Tuesday, July 26, 2011

El Ten Eleven (2004-2010)

Kind of Like: The Six Parts Seven, The Mercury Program, Masterati, Adebisi Shank
Genres: Post-rock, Math Rock, Indie
Preview: Derpspace

Last night I was bowling at the Garden Bowl.  I hate their lanes so much (they don't grease them at all), but I really wanted to put some zines out in the venues surrounding it.  After the times was up for bowling, we didn't have anything else to do.  So, I wanted to venture up to the Magic Stick and see what is going on up there.  The show had already started awhile ago up there, so there was nobody watching the door.  I was down for a free show.  Once we made it up to the Stick, I saw the Globes' merchandise display; I had become accustomed to it because they had opened for so many bands I had seen in the past year.  I was surprised I hadn't heard of this show, and wondered who they were playing with.  Then the El Ten Eleven shirts caught my eye, and it dawned on me.  I had totally forgotten about this show.  I RSVP'ed for it months ago, and out of shear luck, I stumbled into it for free.  El Ten Eleven had just started their set.  The people running the stick had closed off the big stage, and had instead set up a smaller stage where the pool tables were.  This made for a very tight and intimate concert.  They also had a big white backdrop that was playing a video feed of the pedals which I also thought was cool.  I actually didn't know El Ten Eleven was just two guys.  A drummer and a guy playing a Wal fretless bass, and a 1977 Carvin guitar/bass doubleneck  He mostly played the doubleneck, and he put on a clinic with that thing.  I was completely dumbfounded as he managed to sound like three or four people using layers and that double neck.  A lot of the time he would play the bass and the guitar at the same time, and I hated him.  I really hated him.  Then I watched the drummer, and he switches between traditional acoustic drums, roto toms and electronic drum pads, usually within each song. To add to the insanity he will occasionally loop himself as well.  I hated him almost as much as I hated the guitarist. You should download their tunes, and then go see them and hate them too.  Christ, one of the best shows I went to so far this year, and it was by accident.

Listen Here:
El Ten Eleven (2004)
Every Direction is North (2007)
These Promises Are Being Videotaped (2008)
It's Still Like a Secret (2010)

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