Sunday, July 3, 2011

Get the SIGD Quarterly Zine!

I'll do this to you if you don't sign up.
So, I've been talking to a few people about this idea and they seem to like it and such, so I thought I'd give it a try.  It all started last week when I saw Page One: Inside the New York Times.  Here is briefly what it's about: "With the Internet surpassing print as our main news source and newspapers all over the country going bankrupt, Page One chronicles the transformation of the media industry at its time of greatest turmoil."  It was a decent movie, but it really got me thinking about print changing to digital, and I decided to try converting this site into a dying, but nostalgic format.  So, just for fun, I'm going to make a quarterly zine that includes short blurbs about albums featured on here new and old, where to download them, interviews with bands featured on here, artwork/comics, maybe a few easter eggs that will lead you to weird places online, and maybe something about alcohol.  The past couple days I hung out with Prawn, and they were very enthusiastic about being interviewed, when in reality it just turned out that we got drunk and such each night and hilarity ensued.  So there will be condensed reviews and a bunch of stuff that isn't really featured on here, and who doesn't like getting something fun in the mail to read/look at?  I probably will put a link in the zine too where you can listen to the full "interview".  Prawn's was really funny and interesting, especially because it was at the end of the night so we covered a lot of ground in our beer/pasta stupor.

For the first few editions of this zine, I will probably just pay out of my pocket for the copies, just because it's something fun I wanna do.  Depending on how I feel about it I may set up a paypal account and try to make up for the expenses through donation or maybe charge a dollar for a year or something.  We'll cross that road when we get there.  I will be working on the first one (Summer Edition) in the next two weeks and then hopefully mail them out/distribute them immediately after.  So, if you want your own, all you need to do is e-mail:  Put "Zine" in the subject, and then put your name and address in the body.  Don't worry about identity theft, I don't really know how to do that.

Also, if you write for one of the many music blogs out there, I would be completely fine if you wanted to contribute some words/reviews of albums and I would have a link to your site in it as well.  If you are an artist or make comics feel free to also send some work and I'll probably throw it in there.

On a final note, Grand Rapids area is the best, and I look forward to being back out there in the near future.

I did not take this picture.  Lake Michigan sunsets can't be beat though.

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