Sunday, July 10, 2011

If It Carries on Like This We are Moving to Morecambe by The Fierce & The Dead (2011)

Kind of Like: Mogwai, Empire Express, Codes in the Clouds
Genres: Post-Rock, Ambient, Post-Hardcore, Experimental
Preview: Bandcamp

The Fierce And The Dead release their long awaited debut album on the 16th May, the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut EP from 2010. Featuring Matt Stevens - Guitars, Kev Feazey - Bass/synths/production and Stuart Marshall on drums the album has been recorded over the last year. Nick Cave/Faust/Lydia Lunch saxophonist Terry Edwards features on two tracks. The album is dedicated to close friend Dan Wilson who passed away during the making of the album. There are 10 songs, all shorter than the one on the first EP (although that song was 19 minutes long). The album is released on their own Spencer Park Music label (after turning down several record companies) and they are looking forward to touring in the summer, dates to be announced soon.

Press for their debut EP:

"I was instantly impressed. Sort of a post rock trip through many genres. This thing takes so many corners in its 19 minutes it's unreal. Good for chilling out to. Certainly one to keep an eye on, can't wait to hear more from these guys."
Veins Dried Out.

"The one track lasts just about 20mins and I would encourage everyone to get it. I did and I simply LOVE it. Well afterall its simply what we all dig to bits."
The Siren Sounds.

"TFATD move through their dynamics and sonics fluidly so that my point of focus is always in flux. I can’t nail it down. And that’s a wonderful thing."
Mr Atavist

"We’re simply blown away and can’t wait to share “Part 1” with our listeners, if that’s okay. Your guitar work is fucking brilliant and the tone is a dream. It’s rare that we get this excited over new musicians (new to us, anyway) and I wanted to share that with you".
Progopolis Podcast

".... Part 1 is an intriguing first missive that promises to lure in fans of everything from Pink Floyd and Goblin through to Mogwai and Slint."
Classic Rock Presents Prog

"...REALLY crazy. This song is not content with being one thing. It’s all over the map (in a good way)."

"Judging by the enthusiastic response from listeners and bloggers alike, the will of this band to transcend the limitations of traditional forms clearly satisfies a deep craving for Rock music to be much more than just three chords and a melody again"

"I expect great things from The Fierce & The Dead in the future, and I’m sure they will build on what is a fantastic debut track."
Espy Rock

Surprised I never heard of these guys before.  Definitely a post-rock band at heart, but they also bring unique electronics/instruments and other things to the mix.  They also have superb production from what looks to be a DIY recording setup.  The album starts off slow, but has a lot of good grooves once you start really getting into it that range from upbeat and catchy to trudging and ominous.

Listen Here:

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