Monday, July 4, 2011

(Regional Reading) Pity Sex/Brave Bird (2010-2011)

Kind of Like: Snowing, Dowsing, Brand New
Genres: Math Rock, Emo, Indie
Preview: Bandcamp/Bandcamp

Got to meet a few of the guys from these bands when I saw the two Prawn shows in Michigan.  It turns out they are from the Metal Frat, so they actually booked the Prawn show there last week.  Although, I didn't agree with the order of the bands for that show, it still was a fun show.  The next day they ventured out to Grand Rapids and opened up a great house show out there.  These are a couple promising emo bands from Michigan.  When I first asked Prawn who were they most impressed with by bands they played with for the tour, these were two names they immediately mentioned.  Funny story: when I first showed up in Grand Rapids, Chris from Brave Bird flipped his shit about my Pseudo Strike shirt because he used to watch them play shows in Ann Arbor in middle school.  It was a funny story because I was in that band; small fuckin' world.

Apparently, both bands like cats too:

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