Thursday, January 27, 2011

Zonoscope by Cut Copy (2011)

Kind Of Like: Daft Punk, Two Door Cinema Club, The Avalanches
Genres: Electronica, Ambient, Experimental

The last I listened to this band was Bright Like Neon Love .  Apparently, they came out with another album between that one and this one I'm about to talk about now.  Bright Like Neon Love sounded a lot like Daft Punk; this new album does not at all.  There really aren't any really catchy dance songs.  They've evolved.  I like posting what other people said more than trying to explain, so here:

"Dan Whitford explained that the music on here was created in a more more open environment through “weird, extended jams.” As a result, he said the album tends to have a more “repetitive, hypnotic, rhythmic” sound and a less straightforward approach than prior records."

Also, this is a leaked album; it isn't due out til early Februay.  So if this is something different than what is to be released then...oops.  I think this is it though, seems like there was too much effort put into this to be a fake.

Download Here

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