Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You Are You by The Summer Pledge (2010)

Kind of Like: Broken Social Scene, Modest Mouse, Explosions in the Sky
Genres: Indie, Progressive, Ambient

I saw this band on New Year's Eve.  It was at the Trumbullplex in Detroit, and I had gone to see State Lottery, and get fucked up.  There were a couple openers, and then this band played right before midnight; I  pretty sloshed at this point.  After hearing them play, I went to their merch table and I already knew I was going to get a State Lottery record, but I also ended up getting both of the Summer Pledge's records.  The next morning, I was mad at myself because I thought I bought the Summer Pledge albums on a drunken whim, and didn't think I should have wasted money on a band I only liked while I was drunk.  After listening to this album though, I was actually happy I purchased this album.  I will probably go see them again sometime.

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