Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kidcrash Discography (2010)

Kind of Like: Daitro, Native,  L'antietam
Genres: Emo (first album), Post-Hardcore, Hardcore, Math Rock

This band is extremely underrated.  If you were to listen to their first album New Ruins, you would think anything after was a different band.  Funny enough,  I like both of Kidcrash's split personalities.  They are one of those cool bands that has a webpage dedicated to downloading their work.  They even did this after getting screwed out of a lot of money from their first album (read below):

“Please don’t order this cd (New Ruins). After spending more than $10,000 of our own money recording it, Lujo Records continues to try to justify their right to continue to collect 100% of the royalties from mp3 sales, after four years of selling the album on itunes and amazon. At one point we requested a box of cds for a show, they sent them way too late and they didn’t arrive for the show. We never ended up selling them, but according to them we still owe them $400 for those cds and with that included they are still out about $500 recouping their $2000 investment. Reality is, we are still out about $8000, and they are honestly out maybe $200-$300 and have plenty of copies of the cd left. But there is no way for us to know how much they have made off of the sales of our mp3s. We have, on multiple occasions demanded that four years is long enough, and that the mp3s be removed from itunes."

So feel free to download all of their stuff below.  Don't know where to start?  In my opinion their demo is their best production.  Kind of weird I think a demo is their best work.  The LP "Jokes" they released after the demo didn't nearly capture the feel the demo had and the mixing sounded worse in the LP than in the demo.  So first get the demo, then download their newest LP "Snacks", then give "New Ruins" a listen.

Download Here

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