Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wrestling Moves by Native (2010)

Kind of Like: Kidcrash, Grown Ups, Castevet
Genres: Math Rock, Post-Hardcore, Progressive

I know this isn't a really new album, but I don't see many people putting this on their sites available for the public.  I listened to these guys when they released We Delete; Erase.  That album was a bit more upbeat then this album.  This album is a bit heavier, but I loved when they played these newer songs live.  When I went to buy a shirt, their bass player/lead guy gave it to me for free.  I told him I stole their albums, so I wanted to support them somehow.  He said they probably wouldn't have gotten any money from an album sale anyways, but I insisted I at least buy a shirt for a friend.  Long story short, I don't think they'd care if you downloaded this.  I don't think any band would care if it meant they would have somebody else come see them play.

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