Saturday, January 29, 2011

Agonist by Latitudes (2009)

Kind of Like: Boris, Talons, Russian Circles, Pelican
Genres: Sludge, Post-Rock, Post-Hardcore

That is probably one of the most epic covers for an album I've seen.  That dog better run.  From their

"Produced by Chris Fielding (Napalm Death, Electric Wizard), Latitudes debut album ‘Agonist’ - which features the addition of new keyboardist Rich Harper and vocal contributions courtesy of vocalist Adam Symonds - is an awe-inspiring piece of work. Symonds’ delicate yet piercing delivery hauntingly intertwines with brutal slabs of heavy and emotive riffagery. The complete picture is mesmerizing in its originality and breathtaking in its power."

Download Here

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