Thursday, March 10, 2011

Self Induced Illness by Meyhem Lauren (2011)

Kind of Like: Biggie, Wu-tang
Genres: Hip-hop

Found this on The Needle Drop.  This up and coming "wordsmith" kind of throws it back to 90s hip-hop.  He claims to "a genre in Hip Hop that is currently on the verge of extinction...his style is reminiscent of hip-hop's golden era".  You can definitely see that, and it isn't just a rip off of those 90's hip-hop artists, it's just heavily influenced by it.  The main complaint is that this album is 2 hours long.  No little breaks/skits either, just beats and rhymes.  This can be a bit overwhelming; especially for someone that jumps quickly from one new release to the next.  Check out the Needle Drop to because I pretty much used a lot of what he said in his review that I concur with.  Oh and as you may guess, there are no mediafire links because this album is too massive.  Here is a multiupload link where you can choose between downloading from hotfile, fileserve, megaupload etc etc.  Whatever you are most comfortable with.

Update: I was sent an e-mail from Meyhem Lauren asking to remove the link, he said he put a lot of effort into the album and would rather have people purchase it off iTunes.  I will always respect the wishes of the artist.

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