Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh Brother by Joan of Arc (2011)

Genres: Experimental, Shoegaze, Drone

When I saw this I thought, is this the same Joan of Arc that just released Life Like.  It turns out it is, but this certainly isn't your daddy's Joan of Arc.  This is a vinyl/digital release only.  I could see this best suitable for vinyl release for sure because each song takes up one side of a record, so there are four 20 minute songs making up this album.

"Oh Brother (Joyful Noise) is one of the group's wiggiest albums yet. Or maybe that should be "groups'," since each side of this two-LP vinyl-only release contains a 20-minute composition played by a different combination of personnel; mastermind Tim Kinsella is the sole constant linking the four lineups, which include Hella drummer Zach Hill, Lichens drone maker Rob Lowe, and local jazz-percussion monster Frank Rosaly. The individual tracks are as unpredictable as Kinsella himself; they veer from frenetic free jazz to shroomy psych-drone to contemplative fingerpicked guitar interludes. There's even an occasional bit of the angular post-posthardcore commonly associated with his name, though I expect he includes that just to tease anyone still hung up on Cap'n Jazz."
-Chicago Reader

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