Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chimera by The Glass Canoe (2011)

Kind of Like: Days Away, The Postal Service, Sound of Animals Fighting
Genres: Emo, Electronica, Ambient, Experimental

The Glass Canoe is a psychedelic pop band from San Diego, California. The band consists of David Korrigan (Vocals/Electronics/Samples/Guitar), Max O’Reilly (Vocals/Samples/Guitar), Blake La Grange (Guitar/Synthesizers), Drew Galindo (Bass), and Justin Anastasio (Drums/Percussion). Their debut album, “Chimera” was mostly recorded over the summer of 2010 at David’s house. Max and David wrote the songs and Blake produced them. Chimera focuses heavily on melody, harmony, electronics, guitar, and ambient sounds.

You can listen to and download their album at their bandcamp:

Listen Here

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