Monday, March 7, 2011

Dance.Pretend.Forget.Defend by Fordirelifesake (2004)

Kind of Like: Rosesdead, Shai Hulud, Poison the Well, Misery Signals
Genres: Post-hardcore, Hardcore, Metal, Emo, Experimental

I know this is an older album, but I feel that a lot of people really don't know this band because they fizzled out shortly after releasing this second LP.  A few of my friends can't stand them, but I grew up going to see this band, and I have too many fond memories relating to them.  I just found out they are opening up for the Suicide Machines in April, and the first time I saw Fordirelifesake was when they opened for the Suicide Machines X-mas show like 8 years ago.  So, this show next month is going to be really nostalgic.  I feel as though they were an underrated band and were pretty obscure outside of Michigan, so hopefully some people can appreciate this.  Very great guitar riffs, their lead guitarist was a beast.  You know what word that everybody uses to describe a band or their musical taste? Eclectic.  It's an overused word, but I'm going to use it because this album is pretty damn eclectic.  The only thing that brings this album down are some of the shittier filler songs, if you avoid those, this was a classic album.  If only they put two or three really good songs on this...

Also, please try to disregard the "Kind of Like" bands, especially if you hate those bands.  I don't even listen to those bands, but I had a hard time thinking of bands that that Fordire was comparable.  Just give the album a listen.

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