Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Living Decorations by Maps & Atlases (2011)

Kind of Like: This Town Needs Guns, Minus the Bear
Genres: Math Rock, Indie, Experimental, Electronica

Wow, this EP came out of literally nowhere for me, and I am a big fan of Maps & Atlases.  When I was browsing and stumbled on this  I was initially excited.  Then I remembered "Living Decorations" was a song off their last album Perch Patchwork.  It turns out this EP is the original Living Decorations off said album, a live version of "Solid Ground", and then electronica remixes of "Pigeon", "Living Decorations" and "Perch Patchwork" (all of which off Perch Patchwork).  Basically they did something like what Minus the Bear did for Menos el Oso with Interpretaciones Del Oso, which was a forgettable release by them.  Living Decorations may follow the same fate, but it's still worth a listen if you are a Maps & Atlases fan.

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