Thursday, March 31, 2011

In and Out of Youth and Lightness by Young Widows (2011)

Kind of Like: These Arms Are Snakes, The Swan King, Coliseum, Lightning Bolt
Genres: Noise rock, Post-Hardcore, Math Rock, Experimental
Preview: Myspace

I remember my first impression of Young Widows was them opening for Pelican and Russian Circles.  I remember being extremely impressed and excited about this band and the powerfulness of them.  They put on a good show and the heavy guitar riffs stuck with me.  But when I went to get their album at the time, Old Wounds, I listened to it and I didn't really think it conveyed that powerfulness they brought in the live setting and I was kinda disappointed.  I have only had a chance to listen to the first couple songs on this new album before I left for work, but I am liking this album more than I did the last.  Maybe their sound has grown on me more and maybe I will like Old Wounds more now, but this is still definitely worth checking out if you appreciate noise rock.

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