Wednesday, March 21, 2012

William Bonney "Good Vibes" Preorder

So, been keeping this secret for a bit.  We are working with Songs From The Road Records and William Bonney to put out a special edition vinyl of "Good Vibes".  If you already ordered the Peace Be Still/Adaje/Lizards bundle and want this one as well, send me an e-mail at and I can refund your shipping for one of the orders.

We have a new site for SIGD Records:

I wish I could take credit for the screen printing on the record idea, but this was something that got inspired from the Child Bite/Dope Body split put out by Forge Again Records.  I really liked the premise and I had been pitching the idea to bands since I started SIGD Records.

As for Peace Be Still LP, we've hit a few bumps in the road.  I waited for about two or three weeks for the master cd to get to me so I could mail it to the pressing plant, but it never got to my house.  Damn post office.  So, last week we sent the order in, and the band sent a second master cd directly to the plant so we should be getting the test presses in a couple weeks and the final thing before their tour in May.  I know we wanted to get it out back in February, but like I said we hit a few speed bumps.

The Adaje/Lizards split is in, but I want to wait until the Peace Be Still LP comes in to mail them out together.  I am really sorry about the delay, and I am thinking of something I can do for people that ordered early.

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