Friday, March 2, 2012

Dead Rhythm Machine by The Letters Organize (2005)

Kind of Like: The Refused, At the Drive-In, Every Time I Die
Genres: Punk, Post-hardcore, Screamo
Spotify: Affirmative
The Letters Organize were a blip in punk rock.  They released this album on Nitro Records way back in 2005 and then promptly broke up a year later.  I vaguely remember seeing these guys at the VFW hall in Northville when I was a young lad.  They had crazy energy, the likes of which I hadn't seen often.  I especially have vivid images of the vocalist even though it was 7 years ago.  I picked up this on compact disc, because I don't remember many bands I liked back then selling vinyl.

This band also had an EP and a demo before this that I haven't heard yet.  Honestly, I haven't even listened to this album in years.  The other day I decided to try and find it because I had a feeling it would be well-received here.  These guys weren't around very long, so this album went under the radar and was criminally underrated.  This album is an intense powerhouse that never slows its pace (except the outro in "Costume in the Corner").

Randomness: The beginning of "Trouble Sleeping" sounds somewhat similar to the beginning of Small Brown Bike's "On Repeat".  It is eerie, and I think listening to the Small Brown Bike song was what reminded me to look back into The Letters Organize.

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