Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Skullgrid by Behold...The Arctopus (2007)

Kind of Like: PsyOpus, Dysrhythmia, Between The Buried and Me
Genres: Metal, Mathcore, Experimental, Instrumental, Post-rock
Spotify: No

"Behold... The Arctopus play instrumental music inspired by both metal and 20th century classical music. This technical and progressive style is executed on a regular electric guitar and drum kit but involves a 12-string Warr guitar, an instrument that covers the range of a bass and guitar and is generally played by tapping with either one or two hands. Their music often includes dissonance, polyrhythms and jazz-like elements."

Another oldy that resurfaced in my collection.  If you want to be blown away by three musicians and are into really technical music.  This shit is hard to digest, but if you are into that kind of thing, then you will really love exploring this album.  "Canada" has one of the best flowing transitions into one of the most metal solos ever. This album is short, but extremely mind-bending.  Last news from this bands was that they were getting a new drummer and going to release new, even more extreme material from scratch.  That was back in 2009, so I am wondering if they ever will come out with something else.

We have a radio show tonight!  Remember?

UPDATE:  Someone posted a youtube link in the comments below of a live set from last month of BtA playing all new material.  Click Here.

Listen Here:


  1. Behold... The Arctopus played a few shows of all-new material with their new drummer Weasel Walter in February. The music is more dissonant and complex. Footage from the Feb. 16 can be found on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CUM9374HOo