Saturday, March 10, 2012

(Classic) Plague Soundscapes by the Locust (2003)

"I wanted to change the way people perceive music, or maybe just destroy it in general."- Justin Pearson, bassist/singer
Kind of Like: Daughters (old), An Albatross, Ed Gein
Genres: Experimental, Mathcore/Grindcore, Electronica, Noise Rock
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Oh boy, found this cd in my car the other day, and boy did I have fun with it.  This album clocks in at just over 20 minutes and features 23 songs.  So, standard grindcore song lengths.  It is a quick album, but it is extremely memorable to me.  From the hectic accellerandos of "Earwax" to the awesome synthesizer break down thirty seconds into "Virgin" to the time signature switches flowing back in forth at the end of "Halfie in your Pants" to the final intense laser gun shots/beats in the closer "Pickup Truck".  That is a fragment, consider revising.  All of those song names are shortened versions of course, the names are quite long.  This is how grindcore should be.

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