Saturday, January 19, 2013

Family Ties/Labors of Love by Les Doux/Citycop (2013)

Kind of Like: Old Gray, Barrow, I really don't know
Genres: Hardcore, Post-hardcore, Screamo, Folk
Buy: Sea of TranquilityFlannel Gurl Records

Evan from Les Doux is a pretty stand up guy, he wrote me a really nice sincere e-mail and that really goes a long way for me.  I know both of these bands from previous reviews, so I'm sure I would've gotten around to this eventually, but anyways...

If you're looking for something genuinely fresh (I tend to use this term on whim, but these bands really exhibit this to a more extreme degree), then this is the split for you.  If you are tired of what is becoming somewhat generic screamo, then by all means you need to do yourself a favor and listen to this twangy take and see how it makes you feel.  In all honesty, I listened to this maybe a month or so ago and it didn't really move me right off the bat, but I always try to give albums a second go which I did recently. It's visceral, good stuff and I am only listening to it more and more.

Now I need to get some errands done before my day saturated in hockey begins.  Oh, how I've missed it...

Listen Here:

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