Wednesday, January 23, 2013 by This Town Needs Guns (2013)

Kind of Like: Pennines, Minus the Bear, American Football
Genres: Math Rock, Emo, Indie
Buy: Sargent House

There was a time when I was obsessed with the UK based band, Pennines.  They had limited material out and then seemed to fall off the face of the Earth.  So, it was pretty exciting to hear that their singer/guitarist, Henry Tremain, was joining This Town Needs Guns as their frontman.  Not only did he have a great voice to begin with, but TTNG is arguably a much larger, better known band to hop on board with his talents. Now, I have yet to determine personally if Hank is as good as or better than their original singer Stuart. Stuart was a great fit for TTNG, but if there is anybody worthy to fill his shoes it would have to be someone like Hank Tremain.  Either way, the music/instrumentation is phenomenal which is the norm for TTNG.  But I am curious to see how they pull off some of these parts off live with only one guitarist officially.

Recently they changed their name to TTNG because of personal reasons.

Listen Here:

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