Friday, October 14, 2011

Young & Beautiful by The Armed (2011)

Kind of Like: Converge, Botch, DEP
Genres: Mathcore, Hardcore, Noise Rock, Thrash
Preview: Bandcamp, Pizza

Apologies for the lack of updates.  There are several things in my way: school is heavy at the moment, I fried my laptop last week and am hesitant to buy a new one, work sucks, doing the radio show and hockey season started/Tigers are in the playoffs/Lions are actually good now/ UofM is undefeated/sports.  Right now I am updating on a shitty desktop computer.  Eventually I will get sick of using this and get a new laptop, but who knows.  That being said the new zine will probably be very small and come out right before Fest as some kind of a preview edition.  And then after Fest, I will probably have much more material to work with (interviews/photos/news) for a much larger winter edition.  Who knows, everything is in the air right now.

I was hoping Kenny would post this, seeing that this is his band and all.  But he is being lazy and/or modest.  This came out last week, but I was reminded to put this up when I saw the great reviews it was getting on Sputnik Music.  They are kind of moving forward from a straightforward mathcore/hardcore band like Converge to something more unique, with elements of noise rock/garage rock thrown into the mix.  That's my take on it anyways.  I think so far this album has gotten the most exposure out of all their work.  As one reviewer wrote: "It's good and it's free. Rips hard. Get it now."

Listen Here:

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