Monday, October 24, 2011

Real Americans Spear It EP by Look Mexico (2011)

Kind of Like: Portugal. The Man, Empire! Empire!, Minus the Bear, Local Natives
Genres: Math Rock, Indie, Emo,
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A lot of people have dismissed Look Mexico after they moved on from that hip 90's emo sound with the album To Bed With Battle.   I still really enjoyed that album for the same reasons I like indie bands like Portugal. The Man.  Let's face it, you can't make a living off of being a noodly emo revival band, and I learned a long time ago that I would sell out a million times over if I could and you shouldn't shame bands that do so.  But, the thing is, Look Mexico hasn't even sold out.  They still have their own genuine sound, and it's still catchy and enjoyable as hell.  They show their roots from time to time as well.  Also, it gets stronger as you go through each song.  I wasn't sure how I felt about it from the first song, but I found I was liking each song better than the last.  The noodly transitional instrumental "Where were you, Vince?" is one of the instances where there older material bleeds through with new life.  Then after, listening to the last song, I went back and started it over and found I liked the first song more than I initially did.  So, it's a grower.  And it's also only four songs, so if you have a spare 15 minutes, you don't really have an excuse to not try it.

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