Friday, October 14, 2011

Naps by Kidcrash (2011)

Kind of like: Native, Loma Prieta, Daniel Striped Tiger
Genres: Screamo, Post-hardcore, Math Rock
Preview: Denovali

Out of all the post-hardcore/screamo bands out there, I would have to say Kidcrash is my favorite.  I always enjoy their releases, and this one is not an exception.  They always have trippy as hell artwork; so I usually end up getting it on vinyl as well.  This EP is up there with the rest of their material.  As the leak of "Hibernationstate" indicated, this EP is more melodic as far as vocals go (excluding New Ruins).  I would still consider it yelling, but there is at least some melody to it and it isn't incoherent screaming drowned out by the guitars.  The vocals aren't really what's great about Kidcrash though, it's the guitar work and the thematic development/breakdowns (not like....metalcore breakdown, the breaking down of an idea/theme into a different feel).  Hopefully these guys tour soon, I would like to see them live at least once.

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