Friday, September 9, 2011

Poison The Well (Classic)

Kind of like: A Jealousy Issue, Hopesfall (old), Remembering Never
Genres: Melodic Hardcore, Hardcore, Metalcore

This band single-handedly made me love harder music and it was a sad sad day when I found out they went on "hiatus" in 2010 (let's be honest, they're done). Below is their entire discography. Active for over 10 years and being signed to both Trustkill and Ferret Records (plus a brief stint w/Atlantic records), PTW have put out some of the best hardcore albums ever, hands down. Everyone should listen to and love the shit out of these guys.


  1. O fak ya its been a while since I heard these guys, listened to a lot of the Opposite of december and you before you.

  2. was hyped about this just to get opposite of december and you come before you, but pleasantly surprised with the tropic rot, wasn't expecting much and really enjoyed it