Saturday, September 24, 2011

la Dispute - Wildlife (2011)

FFO: Defeater, Touche Amore, Pianos Become the Teeth
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Remember to buy the album when it comes out October 4th!
I'll shape this post a bit later, I'm on my phone right now but this is undoubtably a great album for my favourite group.
I think this album is unreal. It has the same heart as their last albums, I feel its incredibly easy to get into the album with such a strong introduction of the first three or four tracks. unlike their last two full length releases (which can be found here on sigd) this album starts with an ease in, whereas the iconic beginning of somewere at the bottom... is impossible to not know, and future wars is insatiably heavy and enticing. the track ``Kings Park just blows me away.``
I think the musicianship is just as good as on any record they`ve produced, its just a matter of listening until my ears bleed before an appreciation can be really consolidated and contrasted the vast love I have for Somewhere at the Bottom... and vancouver. jordan's lyrics lack none of the poetic and honest values i adore, and still its apparent that this album revolves heavily upon the maturity of the vocalist. its especially easy for me to fel involved in this album as much of the beginning content is a struggle between the depression and psychotic natures of a dead love that is all but living within what i call a pure heart, a poetic mind, or more dramatically, a male soul that is oppressed by the strark realities of the modern feminist movement towards their self-realization. i see this as a window into the life of someone slowly being destroyed by this female maturity into realizing its power, and its use of it, as i might posit, is a destructive force that our ancestors probably understoods as too wild to be left untamed. not that i dont believe in human rights, or the oppression of women, rather i believe that if a sex is too immature to value conceptions of love as more than bodily pleasure and happiness, they should not claim to be strong enough to ruule over men and the world in turn. anywhom, I`m getting this on vinyl, its been pre ordered. Despite having this pre-release which I appreciate so much, I can`t FUCKING wait.

also sorry I haven`t posted anything in a while, I`ve been pretty busy with school and organizing a couple house shows at my place. If you`re in Halifax, 1977 Preston on October 24-8th for some screamo shows.
I titled this wildfire, haha I read it wrong for so long, and only realized my mistake while listening to a lyric that said wildlife, probably all because I really wanted it to be a WILDFIRE.

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