Monday, September 12, 2011

Father, Son, Holy Ghost by Girls (2011)

Kind of Like: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Smith Westerns, Bright Eyes
Genres: Shoegaze, Garage Rock, Indie, Rock

The song starts off slow for sure, but the further it gets along, the more I like it.  They have a shoegaze feel, but at times explode with some heavy garage rock/rock n' roll riffs.  They feel almost nostalgic at times, especially in the last couple minutes of this song.  Their other songs are also pretty varied, ranging from folky/indie-y Bright Eyes stuff to surfy sounds.  So far I like "Alex" and "Vomit" a lot.  Then there are songs like "Die" that have straight up Queens-of-the-Stone-Age guitar riffs that I think even Kenny might appreciate.

Other news:
I'm sure you all heard, the beloved band, Snowing, has broken up.  It's a shame because I really was interested to see what their next LP brought.  I feel like they were getting a lot stronger as a band.  Not to mention, the title of this blog is lyrics from one of their songs.  I'm happy I at least got to see them twice before they broke up, and hopefully we will be seeing new projects by them soon.

Those of you waiting for the Prawn/For Hours and Hours split, I talked to Tony the other day, and it looks like it won't get a formal release.  They did sell about 100 cd's of the split while they played with For Hours and Hours in Texas, but that is the only format that the split will see the light of day.  They weren't happy with the quality of their songs, but he did say the songs will be released on a forthcoming EP after they are rerecorded.  So if anybody in the Texas area got their hands on the split, and would like to share it, I'm sure people would still be interested.

So, Fest released it's schedule, and I finally got my tickets and my mode of transportation set.  The end of October can't come soon enough.  It's going to be a fantastic road trip.  I even got all organized and made a spreadsheet of the bands I want to see and when they are playing.  What a nerd.

***=I won't really care if I miss them for some reason.

And I also want to visit this place to or from it.  It's a town of hundreds of cats, living in hand carved buildings. D'awwww.

Oh yeah, back to Girls:

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